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Lab Values Nursing Cheat Sheet Study Guide Includes BONUS Electrolytes Cheat Sheet

Lab Values Nursing Cheat Sheet Study Guide Includes BONUS Electrolytes Cheat Sheet

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Nursing Lab Value Cheat Sheet Study Guide Bundle (6 Pages)

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Must-know lab values cheat sheet for nurses and nursing students. Nursing lab values cheat sheet includes important NCLEX lab values and lab values interpretations. 

You also must become familiar with them because some NCLEX questions ask for laboratory results without specifying the typical lab levels. Values that fall inside the expected range won't be provided by NCLEX. Critical lab results are frequently included in questions, and it is your job to determine whether or not they fall within the normal range.

Lab Values Nursing Study Guide Bundle includes:

  • 2 pages interpreting abnormal CBC values 
  • 1 lab value cheat sheet with 50+ lab values
  • 1 page of mnemonics and memory tricks to help you study!
  • BONUS 2-page electrolytes cheat sheet: Sodium & Potassium electrolytes cheat sheets with etiologies, signs/symptoms, and nursing interventions!

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'5 stars review from Brittany'

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'5 stars review from Kerry'

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Thank so much for taking the time to make...

Thank so much for taking the time to make this awesome resource, it comes in handy as I work the Med/Surg floor. 🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗💖💖

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'5 stars review from Selina'

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'5 stars review from Jamie'

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